What Is React?

React is a javascript library for building user interfaces. Someone called react is a framework. They are wrong. React is not a framework, React is a javascript library. Recently React is popular for single-page applications and react is also famous for code reusability.

How React works:


Primitive Data Type:

There are seven primitive data types. These are string, number, boolean, null, undefined, Symbols, bigInts.


console.log(typeOf(“My book”))

Output will be string


Output will be number


Output will be true which is a boolean value

Others types:

Other types are objects and function. Array consider…

Javascript is a dynamic language, its syntaxes are similar to others programming languages. like java and c.

Javascript is called a functional programming language. They have objects, functions, and variables.

Similar to other programming languages they have string, loop, and function. Javascript also called an object-oriented programming language.



Sajid Rahamn

I am a Mern Stack web developer.

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